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When the operating environment is challenging and dynamic, building and maintaining a strong evidence base is critical to the success of initiatives and programmes. 

At AFEXG, we use a combination of technology and a rich network of contacts. We produce timely analysis with predictive values in order to make our services more adaptive and responsive to emerging changes and needs.


We believe there are multiple pathways to delivering expected outcomes. Using our in-depth knowledge of the context and thematic areas, we strive to offer appraised options in each service line.


We walk our clients through the assessment and decision-making process to ensure the choice of options are sustainable, fit for purpose, and represent value for money.


We love great ideas and we enjoy working with clients to translate theories into practical and meaningful solutions. 


To do so, we engage with a broad set of conceptual paradigms and empirical evidence to design and provide sound options. In the process, we incorporate the latest thinking and critically engage with it using primary and secondary data.

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