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What we're about


AFEXG is built on the idea that programmes and teams intervening in African communities, including in conflict affected areas, should benefit from context specific nuances and enjoy the full breadth and depth of local ingenuity.  


It is an audacious idea that inspires and invigorates our multidimensional and culturally diverse team of proven local expertise to brave the challenges with integrity and dedication to quality service.   


At AFEXG, you will work with a team who truly believes in African potential. A team excitingly united by the motto "we make it imaginable" having a world class African expertise at the service of everyone anywhere in Africa, including in challenging and hard to reach areas. 


In the process, we empower each other to think “glocally” and outside the box, while making time and space for individual and collective learning. We believe that everyone has a story to tell, a skill to teach, and a topic to learn about.


We would love to hear your story!

Image by Simon Abrams

Join us! 

We currently do not have open opportunities. 

Please check back later. 

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